The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

Colorado alone is home to over 10,500 homeowners associations that house 2.4 million people.

If you live in one of these HOAs, you may be wondering what went wrong with your community. Many homeowners forget that an HOA is only as good as its leadership. When your board of directors doesn't have the experience or resources they need, it's hard for them to thrive.

That's when bringing in an association manager can help. Today, we'll explain the roles and responsibilities of HOA management. Keep reading, and you'll see why they're so integral to communities across the country.

HOA Property Maintenance

One of the most basic perks of HOA living is enjoying a well-maintained community. HOA property maintenance helps to make the community safer and more comfortable for residents.

It also helps to increase interest from outside investors. This interest boosts demand for HOA real estate, which drives individual property values up.

HOA managers are masters of vendor coordination. They'll ensure that the right vendors are scheduled to tackle whatever your community needs, from street cleaning to landscaping.

HOA Rule Enforcement

When you buy into an HOA, you agree to abide by the community's governing documents. These regulations tell homeowners what they can and can't do. Some communities have rules around allowing pets or rentals, while others have rules around landscaping and property maintenance.

Every community has people who break the rules. It's the HOA board's job to keep them in line by issuing penalties and fines. Doing so can sometimes create an uncomfortable power dynamic between the board and other homeowners, however.

A community manager doesn't have this issue. As a third party, they can make sure rules are being followed and settle homeowner disputes whenever they arise.

HOA Events and Amenities

Community building is a big part of HOA life as well. Residents meet a few times per year to discuss important matters in the community. Homeowners must be able to voice their opinions about everything from governing documents to upcoming HOA events and new amenities.

An HOA manager can run well-organized meetings that ensure everyone has a say in the direction of the community. After meetings are adjourned, they'll start putting plans into action as well.

HOA Accounting

All HOA homeowners pay their monthly dues to enjoy the many perks of the community. If you don't have good accounting practices, the dues won't pay for everything the community needs. In the worst cases, fees will go up as a result of poor accounting.

HOA management companies have accountants on staff. They'll collect the fees, issue penalties for late payments, tackle bookkeeping, and formulate annual budgets. This creates more financial security for the HOA.

Get the Right Association Manager for Your Colorado Springs Community

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