Common HOA Holiday Decorating Rules and Guidelines in Colorado Springs

Common HOA Holiday Decorating Rules and Guidelines in Colorado Springs

One of the core benefits of homeowners associations is community. This community atmosphere is maintained by HOA boards and guidelines that reinforce visual and behavioral integrity. These factors can facilitate memorable holiday experiences for residents.

What's the best way to start?

First, consult your board for the latest rules for HOA holiday decorating. Regulations help guide everything from budgeting to appropriate themes.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Go With Inclusive Decorating

Always consider the traditions of every HOA resident. Your community may celebrate different holidays (or not celebrate at all.) This point doesn't mean you can't decorate; on the contrary, these constraints provide an opportunity to problem-solve.

You can speak to all residents by sticking with "seasonal" themes.

For example, instead of explicitly mentioning Christmas or Hanukkah, focus on winter themes.

Ideas include:

  • Warm white LED tree lights
  • Synthetic snow blankets
  • Winter pine trees
  • Candy themed decorations

Are you hosting a community potluck or event?

You could design event flyers with hot chocolate, snow, and pine graphics. Another idea is to print HOA-branded mugs filled with pencils, fridge magnets, and other merch for residents.

Apply the same mindset to autumn, spring, and summer decorating. For example, instead of "Thanksgiving" decorations, use general fall colors, leaves, and harvest themes. Substitute "Easter" decorations with springtime themes; ideas include fuzzy chicks, flowers, birds, and fluffy trees.

Plan Your HOA Holiday Decorating Accordingly

Once you have a theme, create a timeline from start to finish. Your HOA board will want to know so that they can hire the right services in time. You may need a professional crew to hang tree lights, install large lawn decorations, or make the decorations themselves.

Make budgeting a part of your timeline. You must present a budget to the board if you expect to get funds for the project.

This budget should include:

  • Fees for local services (event planning, tree lighting, etc.)
  • Holiday decoration prices
  • Craft and hobby store estimates

You can save even more money by making decorations yourself. Decorations may also be rented at a discount.

Avoid Large HOA Holiday Decorations

However, it's important to talk to your HOA board first as inflatables may be prohibited for being too large. Many HOAs have strict rules against large decorations, especially if they distract too much from the neighborhood's aesthetic.

Your HOA board may also prohibit you from installing decorations that emit noise. Animatronic decorations that move and play Christmas carols are one example. Run these ideas by the board first to avoid budgeting issues.

Consider HOA Standards For Safety

Keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Avoid decorations that are too bright. Decorations must be securely anchored to the ground; you don't want them getting swept up by the wind.

You can retrieve safety guidelines from HOA boards or by attending HOA meetings.

Keep HOA Guidelines In Mind This Holiday Season

Living in an HOA is a wonderful opportunity to build community. Take initiative this season by spearheading your community's HOA holiday decorating.

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